Wednesday, April 8, 2009

American Idol Results Show

Since I missed last night's AI (due to a meeting), I thought that I'd live blog the results show tonight. Now the only thing I really know from last night is that Simon gave Adam Lambert a standing ovation. But here's what I can say for sure: Scott McIntyre should go home. He should never have been in the top 36. He should never have been in the top 24. And he should never have been in the top 12. But maybe, just maybe, tonight is the night he'll be going home. We can only hope.

Tonight, Kelly Pickler (from season 5) and Flo Rida (whoever that is) will be performing.

Randy says that he was a little disappointed by last night's performances. Kara says that some of the early frontrunners are having somewhat of an identity crisis (in other words, they're not as good as people thought they were).

Wow, they just brought out Frankie Valli or whoever this guy is. Do we really need this? He's singing "Venus," a song that, literally, is old as Simon Cowell. Ugh, this is horrible. Oh, that was Frankie Avalon, not Frankie Valli. Hmmmm...I better imdb these 2 Frankies.

Frankie Valli: Born in 1934; 5' 5" tall; married 3 times, divorced 3 times
Frankie Avalon: Born in 1939; 5' 8" tall; married once (1962), still married to the same woman, 8 children

Ford music video time: A few years back, these were kinda cool. Lately, they're kinda lame.

Having watched most of this season's performances, I would think that the bottom 3 would be: Scott McIntyre, Anoop Desai, and Lil Rounds. We shall see.

Adam Lambert: SAFE (surprise)
Kris Allen: SAFE
Anoop Desai: Bottom 3

Time for Flo Rida perform. Never heard of him. I never thought I'd say this: Can you please bring Frankie Avalon back? OK, who is this Flo Rida dude? Here are some facts...

*Successful rapper from Florida (hence, his stage name)
*Born in 1979

Well, that's all I can find about him. Oh yeah, here's another little nugget:  THIS MUSIC IS WRETCHED!!

Oh great, he's touring this summer. I better head to

Danny Gokey: SAFE
Matt Giraud: SAFE
Scott McIntyre: Bottom 3 (FINALLY!)
Allison Iraheta: SAFE
Lil Rounds: Bottom 3

Kelly Pickler performing now. I think she accidentally grabbed the wrong size dress in the dressing room.

OK...time to bring the bottom 3 out. One of them will be sent to safety. That person is...Lil. OK, we've dodged one bullet. One more to go and Scott...rightly so...will be going home.

Back from the break...time to find out who's going home (well, who will be singing for their life). I highly doubt whether the judges would use their "save" to save either one of these guys. Only 30,000 votes separate these two. The person with the lowest number of votes is...SCOTT!  He's singing again now. Oh no...he's singing Survivor???? Uh, this just isn't working. Apparently, 2 judges think he should stay and 2 judges think he should go. You're kidding me. Simon has made a decision and he says that it's the end of the road for Scott. That's the right decision...the singers who are left are much more talented.

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Mike said...

Amy made the best comment about Anoop.

If you watch him, he comes across as a kid (an only child) who's never been told "no" ever in his entire life. You can tell by the way he can't handle criticism and by how he reacts when he is in the bottom 3. It's also plainly evident that this is the case when you watch his parents talk about him. He truly in his heart believes he is better than everyone else and just doesn't understand why everyone doesn't realize how awesome he is.

I wish this was my thought, but it was Amy's. And it's pretty much spot-on.

Nothing against an only child. Every once in a while they turn out okay.