Saturday, April 3, 2010

Children's Church

Scott Clark has an excellent post here on the subject of children's church. Many years ago, I remember attending a church and being looked at as if I was calling on people to worship Satan because we weren't going to put our child in children's church that morning. Now one thing that we have to keep in mind is that it's important that we train our children how to sit in worship. Nothing wrong with a little noise, but constantly noisy children should be taken out of worship so as not to distract everyone else. In fact, I'd be curious to hear any advice that some of you parents have for training and teaching our covenant children to sit through worship.


amy said...

I really enjoyed this article and have been coming back here to read all the tips and comments others have been leaving. Except they haven't!

I will ask Mike to share some of our routine because he has been such a great leader in this area for our family. I know things would be drastically different if things had been in my hands.

I am so thankful that the Lord puts men in families to lead and thankful also for your emphasis on male leadership. I am excited for the men to be a part of the upcoming leadership meetings you have planned. Thank you!

Mike said...
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Rick said...

Train the children to sit still in family worship is the best advice I have.
Being consistent with having family worship at a regular time is of course a prerequisite.
Some time after dinner we sit down together to sing, read and pray together. They never had a problem when it came to sitting in Church.