Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Church & Politics

I've recently been reading William Still's excellent little book "The Work of the Pastor." If you are a pastor or in seminary, I would highly recommend that you pick this up.

Anyway, as most of you in the U.S. know, you can't go more than 5 minutes today without hearing a political ad on the radio or seeing one on television. And as citizens of this country, it's our duty and our privilege to vote. It's also a legitimate calling for Christians to be involved in the political realm. However, should the church be involved in politics? Last night, I came across this quote from William Still...

"A great many of us are far busier propping up our particular brand of democracy and social service than building the church of Jesus Christ against which even the gates of hell shall not prevail, whether our democracy collapses or not. The church is not called to subsidise the state any more than she is called to work against it; she has to be as neutral to it as loyal citizens can be. She is called to gather and build the church of Jesus Christ under any system whatsoever."

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John Z said...

I agree with what you have said, but we must be careful about neutrality, it may lead us to refraining from preaching Christ in some cases. I'm reminded of Peter and John, who said they had to obey God rather than men.