Friday, March 12, 2010

Amazing Grace

This afternoon, I read a brief interview with Dr. Sinclair Ferguson, pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, South Carolina. In the interview, he was asked, "Why do you think Christians fail to find God's grace amazing?" Here's his answer:

"There are many reasons, but usually they involve three things. First, we have such a low sense of the holiness of God and we are insensitive to the sheer intensity of it. To whatever extent our sense of God's holiness is diminished, to that extent our sense of amazement at God's grace will be diminished. Second, we adopt superficial views of our sinfulness and too often guard against the ministry of the Word and Spirit exposing it. Jesus said that it is those who are much forgiven who love much. The reason is that those who are most conscious of their sin become most conscious of their need of grace, and therefore most aware of the wonders of grace. Third, we think too little of the costliness of grace. It comes freely to us because it was so expensive to Christ to satisfy the justice of God on our behalf. Sadly, in our contemporary "Christianesque" subculture, we are weak in reflection and meditation on Christ and the meaning of the cross."

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