Thursday, March 18, 2010

Federal Vision Rubbish

I came across this quote today from Federal Vision advocate Rich Lusk:

"Good works justify persons in James 2, not faith or one’s status as a justified sinner. James is not telling his readers how to 'justify their justification' or how to 'give evidence of a true and lively faith'. Instead he says their persons will not be justified by faith alone, but also by good works of obedience they have done. The use of the preposition 'by' is important since it indicates a sort of dual instrumentality in justification. In other words, in some sense, James is speaking of a justification in which faith and works combine together to justify . Future justification is according to one’s life pattern." Rich Lusk, “Future Justification to Doers of the Law.”

A "dual instrumentality" in justification? And how exactly is this faithful to Scripture or our Reformed confessions? Having been condemned by a number of ecclesiastical bodies (URC, PCA, OPC, etc.), it would be nice to see all the FV boys head to the Confederation of Reformed Evangelicals, which is the pro-FV body where they all belong.


Mike said...

yeah, but tell us how you really feel. All this fence-sitting is so unlike you. :P

By the way, my verification is flart. Al will find that amusing.

Kevin Efflandt said...

As you can tell, I'm a bit troubled when the gospel is mangled.

"Flart"...sounds like a word in Balderdash.