Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dumbing-Down Worship

Not sure of the author's religious persuasion, but he certainly nailed #39 in his list of the "50 People Who Have Wrecked Britain."  You can read it here.  Sad how this guy seems to "get it" at a time when many "Reformed" people are clamoring for more of this garbage in worship.


Chris and Christina said...

"The sturdy hymns of England, musical embodiment of the stoicism, resolve and undemonstrative solidarity of our nation, are in severe peril, and all thanks to ill-shaven remnants of the late Sixties - grinning inadequates who have never got over the fact that they weren't Cat Stevens."

that's great stuff.

love the cat stevens reference.

Anonymous said...

"Happy cr*ppy hymns are a pestilence".

In the words of the dude from the Simpsons...HA HA!!

Wow, where did you find this?

Kevin Efflandt said...

I have my sources.

amy said...

I too enjoyed #39. I find it sad that the motive of those who write songs like that and who serve them up as worship is to draw non-believers into the churches to hear the gospel. This is sad not because we shouldn't want non-believers hearing the gospel from the pulpit, of course we should... it is sad because it totally backfires. Why would a non-believer come to church to hear this when they could just watch American Idol at home?

Kevin Efflandt said...

Good point, Amy! Plus, American Idol is going to do it better and they also have Simon to make entertaining snide remarks.