Wednesday, February 25, 2009

American Idol, Night 2

Tonight, the 2nd group of 12 will be performing for us. And since I'm sure you can't possibly survive without my musical expertise, I will be live-blogging the event just like I did last week. So, armed with some cheese puffs and a diet Coke, let's get right to the action...

Jasmine Murray

She's singing "Love Song."  I'm certainly no musical expert, but she doesn't seem very good to me. This seems like one of those performances that Simon would classify as "utterly forgettable." OK...let's see what the real experts think: Randy thought that it was "pitchy." Kara thought that it was "all over the place" and "too low." Paula says, "Jasmine, Jasmine." She agrees with Randy and Kara. But she does like Jasmine's confidence. Simon is disappointed. Says she has attitude and confidence but "you just don't have a great voice." Good ol' Simon...Mr. Encouragement.

Commercial Highlights: The iPhone is way cool.  The "Witch Movie"mountain might be a fun one to see as a family. Food from Wal-Mart doesn't excite me. Why do they advertise cat food on TV, showing us a close-up of cat food, acting as if it's so wonderful?

Matt Giraud

From what I remember from previous shows...and before he sings right now...I would predict that he would be one of the final 3. Of course, this means that he'll throw up all over himself right now. We'll see. Hey, he's from Kalamazoo, CRC country. Maybe he's Reformed. He's singing "Viva La Vida." This doesn't seem like the greatest performance to me. Kara? Why is Kara going first? This is not right. Well, Kara is just not blown away. Paula thought he was one of the best in Hollywood. She says it was a risky song to pick. Blues guy shouldn't be picking a rock song. Simon agrees with Kara and Paula but adds, "It was verging on a horrible performance." Well, so much for my prediction. Randy agrees with Simon.

Commercial Highlights: Coke, some cell phone, Slumdog Millionaire ad (haven't seen it yet), meatball pizza from Round Table. I love Round Table Pizza, but do we really need a meatball pizza?

Janine Valles

She's a bartender for a living. She'll be singing "This Love." I think she needs to go buy some shorts that are a little longer. Irritating hand motions (a la Michael Johns from last season). Paula: "Great legs." That's all she said. Thanks for the penetrating insight. Simon says that he thought it was terrible, that it was the wrong song. Randy says, "OK, yo." Says that it was the wrong song for her and that best part was the end, when it was over. Kara says that it was "so overdone." Janine will be hearing this soon: "I'll take a mojito, please."

Commercial Highlights: Injectable-grade face filler (or something like that). Is that what Nancy Pelosi uses? Jell-O pudding ad. Oh, man, I wish we had some chocolate pudding in the house.

Nick Mitchell

This guy is a tripper. Some times he's Nick...other times he's Norman. Why on earth is this guy in the final 36? Did he deserve to make it over Danny Gokey's good friend? What's he singing? Oh no, what a weirdo! I don't know what to say to this. There must be steam coming out of Simon's ears right about now. Simon is laughing. He then says, "Look, I hope I am speaking on behalf of America and pray that you do not go through to the next round." Says it was arguably one of the most atrocious performance AI has ever had. I'm not even going to waste my energy typing anything else about this guy.

Commercial Highlights: AT&T rollover minutes commercial (funny); a marijuana ad (against, not for, marijuana); Garnier Fructis shampoo ad (isn't it truly amazing how many shampoo options there are?); Lowes ad with Gene Hackman's voice (every commercial would sound better if Gene Hackman were doing the voiceover).

Allison Iraheta

Only 16 years, old, she'll be singing "Alone" by Heart. Good song choice. This girl can flat-out sing. Best of the night so far...BY A MILE. Best female of the entire competition so far. Randy says, "Yo, yo. Alright, so, yo." Says that she just "blew it out the box." I guess that means it was really good. He uses the phrase "blew it out the box" 3 times. Kara says, "You don't even know how good you are." For the 2,500th time in 8 seasons, Paula says, "You could sing the telephone book." Hey, Simon just used my phrase...says, "You were the best tonight BY A MILE."

Kris Allen

Singing "Man in the Mirror" by Michael Jackson. By the way, wonder what Michael Jackson thinks when he looks in the mirror? This guy's not too bad. Not sure why he chose this song, though. Probably the best male performance of the night, although that's not saying much. Kara thought the 2nd half was way better than the 1st half. Wrong song, she says. Paula completely disagrees with Kara and surprise, praises him. Thought that he nailed the song. Simon agrees with Paula. Wow! Randy partially agrees with Simon and thinks that it was quite good.

Commercial Highlights: Dell computers...JC Penney (did you know that JC Penney's fashion is "changing the game"?)...Pizza Hut...Beverly Hills Chihuahua...Cover Girl...Minute other words, no highlights. Great Wolf commercial. Any of you out there ever been there? Looks kinda fun.

Megan Joy Corkrey

Singing "Put Your Records On." I like this song. It's on my iPhone. She's pretty good, although a lot of irritating hand and leg motions. They're going to really rip her for these motions. Nice voice, though. 2nd best female performance of the night. Paula says she picked the right song and that she did everything right. Simon thought that it started off well, but then she over sang. Randy agrees. How come no one is talking about the motions???? Is it just me? Kara thinks with the right song, she could be a break-out artist on the radio.

Commercial Highlights: Same boring stuff that makes everyone glaze over.

Matt Breitzke

I like this guy, seems laid-back, humble. Not sure what he's singing, but he has a nice voice. Kind of forgettable, though. I'm back from an "I had to send an email" break. Simon hated the song. Randy thought it was boring. Kara and Paula say basically the same things. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Jesse Langseth

Singing "Betty Davis Eyes." I didn't like this song when I was in high school and I don't like it now. This girl has an interesting voice. Maybe this was a good song choice for her. We'll see what the experts think. Randy thought it was OK. Thought that it wasn't that exciting. Kara thought there were some good moments. Simon looks thoroughly disinterested at this point. Paula thinks she was captivating. Of course, Paula may think this is 2002 and that it's Kelly Clarkson up there. Simon thinks she's forgettable.

Kai Kalama

This guy seems cool...seems like the kind of guy who would greet me at the counter at Starbucks. Singing "What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted?" I'm thinking of doing my hair like Kai. Very good singer. At least that's why I think. That means Simon will say, "That was utterly and completely atrocious." I think he's the best male performer of the night. Kara likes him personally, but that he had some pitch issues. Also thought the song was a little old-fashioned for him. Paula says some stuff...who really cares what it was? Simon says that he's heard many performances like that over the years. Thought he was a wedding singer. See, I told you that I know nothing. Randy agrees with Simon. Thought it was too "safe."

Commercial Highlights: A new Julia Roberts movie (YIPEE!)...President Palmer works for Allstate...Enbrel ad (you may get a fungal infection from it)...Domino's "Secretary of Taste" ad...Jack Bauer is going to torture someone.

Mishavonna Henson

Singing "Drops of Jupiter" by Train. I like this song. Kind of bland. Not bad...not great. Paula thinks it was a poor song choice. Simon says that she's too serious and that her performance left him cold. Randy agrees with Simon. Paula starts cackling...her meds must have just kicked in. Kara adds nothing of interest.

Adam Lambert

If I remember correctly, this guy can sing well. Singing "Satisfaction" by the Stones. Cool. I'll go out on a limb and say that the judges will really like him. Of course, the limb may break and I'll come crashing to the ground, but we shall see. Paula's standing up, clapping. Paula says that she doesn't even have words to express this. We know that, Paula. We know that you cannot come up with a complete sentence to describe anything. Simon thought there were parts that were excruciatingly bad and parts that were brilliant. Randy loved it. For the first time tonight, Randy says that it was "the bomb." Kara says his vocal ability is "outrageous."




Mike said...

I thought "drops of jupiter" was way better than the judges gave her credit for. That's a tough song and I think she nailed it, plus added some of her nuance to it as well.

I really hope the dueling piano guy makes it though to where we get to see him use his instrument. He'll rock it then.

The "funny" guy Nick/Norman is not funny. He is ridiculous and lame. Then again, he is right that he's not going to be next Justin Timberlake so he's got to try to do something to be memorable. I give him props for that but I hope he doesn't waste any more time. Too bad is going to keep him around.

I was not expecting much from the girl that sang "Alone" after that attrocious pre-song interview. But she gave me chills she was so good. She did really well in the low register early part of the song which is not easy. She is top 3 material. Someone needs to help her w/ her look though. Like they did w/ Cook early on last year. First couple shows he looked bad. Sounded good but looked bad.

I really don't like the emo/goth look of the last guy but he is a great performer.

I agree on your top guy and top girl. Not sure will be #3 thought. I think it may be drops of jupiter girl or piano guy or lady w/ the tatoo'd arm. We'll see. Better showing than last week though overall. More memorable acts, less train wreckage.

Kevin Efflandt said...

Great classification of the contestants:

*Emo/Goth Guy
*Piano Guy
*Lady with tatoo'd arm
*Drops of Jupiter Girl

Of course, there's also your "Jessica Alba guy" from last year.

I gotta go with the piano guy as #3.