Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Latest Purchase

My church is very kind to give me a generous book allowance each year and here's a book that I just purchased today.
It's called "Concerning the True Care of Souls" by Martin Bucer. Here's a short write-up on the book:

"A Reformation handbook of pastoral theology, it sets out his ideal of a godly Christian society, and was 'written solely for the Lord's glory and the improvement of his church at this time when Christ's sheep are so deplorably scattered.' He commended it 'to the Christian consideration of all God's children, asking only that nothing be judged according to carnal standards, but everything according to the word of the Lord.' Although largely rejected by the government of Strasbourg, Bucer's book met with much more success further afield and was to exercise a vast influence in later history."

It can be ordered here through Monergism.

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