Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our Annual Family Holiday

Tomorrow is a special day at our house...a day that comes only once a year.  The whole family looks forward with eager anticipation to this day, excited about the fun that it brings.  What is this special day, you ask?  It's our annual cleaning of the garage.  Every year (and it always seems to be about this time of the year) we haul a bunch of junk/trash/stuff we don't want to the dump in Ferndale.  I don't know where all this stuff comes from and I have no idea how we manage to accumulate all these things in the course of a year, but somehow, someway, after a 12-month period, our garage is filled with this stuff.  So tomorrow we will gather all of these unwanted items together, haul it to the dump, pay $25, and then wait eagerly until we can do it again next year.


Al said...

wow... sounds like Hannuka, Kwaanza and Sinter Klaas all rolled into one. I'm trying to contain my jealousy... I hope we get a follow-up post about how things went.

Kevin Efflandt said...

To use a Seinfeld reference, it's our own personal "Festivus." We start with feats of strength (me throwing heavy objects into the truck to take to the dump) and we finish with the airing of the grievances, as I bemoan all the junk that has accumulated in our garage.

Speaking of Sinter Klaas, if I could have my own personal Schwarte Pete today, it would make things a lot easier.

Joyce said...

Anything usable to donate to ARC? They pick up all usable items. :)